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SIAD Construction
SIAD Construction
SIAD Construction

SIAD Construction

SIAD Construction

SIAD Construction, based in Oxford and serving the Southeast of England, has established itself as a leading industrial and commercial construction company in the community.


Our success stems from our commitment to innovation and professionalism. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of projects, spanning from warehouses and film studios to manufacturing and production facilities.

What sets SIAD Construction apart is our integrated approach, combining measured survey, design and modelling capabilities through our dedicated division, SIAD Studio.

SIAD Construction

Able to survey almost any structure with advanced 3D laser scanning technology, SIAD Group can present the client with a modelled 3D version of the interior and exterior of their project.


In addition, this process allows us to generate precise 2D and 3D building plans, enabling efficient project management with enhanced speed and accuracy. For clients seeking realistic previews of their project before construction commences, our design and visualisation services can create digital 3D conceptual models.

SIAD Construction
SIAD Construction - Recladding Exiting Warehouse

SIAD Construction blends products and service offerings throughout all stages of the construction process, meaning we can plan better, build better and ultimately save our clients time and money. Couple that with our full range of services which includes demolition, groundworks, refurbishments and full internal fitouts and you have an industrial or commercial construction company that can offer scalable, turnkey projects.

SIAD Group on Site
SIAD Construction
New Build

SIAD Construction have four distinct service offerings

Design & Build

Design & Build

As a full-service lifecycle building services contractor, we offer 3D site surveys, 2D and 3D building plans, visualisation of building models, project planning and construction management as well as a comprehensive 360 degree commercial and industrial construction offering. With bespoke design capabilities, skilled craftsman, we deliver on time and within budget. We have experience working at all 7 of the RIBA stages.

SIAD Construction Service Offerings

A more detailed aspect of our service offerings include:

A Project Portfolio of SIAD Group

Explore our portfolio showcasing our finest construction projects, exemplifying our commitment to quality, innovation, and expertise.

  • What kind of construction do you specialise in?
    We are a lifecycle construction company, meaning we can supply a solution to every part of your project during any stage of the process. From survey, design, demolition and groundworks through to roofing and construction we truly offer turnkey solutions, specialising in industrial and commercial construction with a focus on new builds, refurbishments and fit outs.
  • What level of insurance do you have?
    SIAD Construction are comprehensively insured, with industry specific insurance.
  • Do you have your own crew or subcontractors?
    We strive to produce high quality workmanship enabled by the integrity of the most qualified and proficient staff and subcontractors. Our goal is to continue developing a highly skilled workforce who will deliver successful projects on time, within budget and always endeavour to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • What are your accreditations?
    SIAD Construction is CHAS, SSIP and ISO 9001 certified and registered. We are also Constructionline Silver Members.
  • Who is responsible for getting the necessary permits?
    Our planning and project management department see to it that we have all the required permits needed to be compliant with all industry requirements.
  • Why would a measured survey be required?
    A measured survey serves as a foundation and necessity for the design, construction and planning process. It is usually required for the redevelopment or renovation of a property, the planning applications process and building maintenance.
  • Why should you use a measured surveying service?
    Recording precise and accurate data is crucial when planning an architectural project or construction site. Investing in a measured building survey service will accurately capture all measurements, structural features and spatial data in the most reliable way and eliminate any risk of error. With advanced 3D laser scanning technology, you are guaranteed to receive detailed results in your chosen format and the required level of detail.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of a measured survey is determined by many factors. Firstly, we will analyse the scale, size and complexity of the project and determine the conditions and accessibility of the site. We will then determine what deliverables you require – such as a 3D Point Cloud, 2D CAD or 3D model – and then we determine the required level of detail you need for your deliverables. Once we have this information we can then provide an accurate price for your project.
  • What 3D laser surveying services does SIAD Studio provide?
    SIAD Studio provide the following services to all our clients: Measured Building Surveys Topographical and Land Surveys Drone Surveys Roof Surveys Heritage Surveys
  • My survey is only small, can you still do this?
    We are equally at home working on a small private project or a national infrastructure scheme. We have a very diverse client base, ranging from architects, consulting engineers, planners, local authorities, multi nationals and private clients.
  • What deliverables does SIAD Studio provide?
    SIAD Studio’s measured survey and 3D laser scanning services can produce the following detailed deliverables: Complete 3D Point Cloud As-built 2D CAD Drawings: This includes floor, roof and site plans, plus external and internal elevations and cross-sections 3D Models: BIM, Revit 3D Visualisations: Virtual Reality walkthroughs and imagery
  • How does survey data work with BIM?
    A measured survey is the starting point for any BIM model. A true to scale “existing model” is captured by the surveyor on site, which is then used by the design team to create a 3D Building Model.
  • What is a measured survey?
    A measured survey is a dimensionally accurate representation of a site, building or structure that is captured using 3D laser scanning technology. The measured survey captures an accurate depiction of a building or project and showcases the information, features and measurements within a 3D point cloud, as built 2D drawings or 3D BIM model.
  • What is a Revit model?
    Revit is a popular software that can be used as part of the BIM process to create 3D Building Models. A Revit file is made up of components that have measurable attributes. It should be noted that Revit is not the only modelling software available for use within BIM but it is the primary software used by SIAD Studio for Building Modelling.
  • What are the benefits of a measured survey?
    1. Information and data are captured with high accuracy due to the reliability of 3D laser scanning technology. 2. You will receive detailed deliverables, including 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings, 3D models and more. 3. You are guaranteed to receive detailed results in your required level of detail and choice of format. 4. It is a non-intrusive application, ideal for fragile sites within the heritage landscape.
  • What are SIAD Studio’s working hours?
    At SIAD Studio our normal working hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, but we can offer special working hours such as weekends and evenings, depending on the project requirements. SIAD Studio can provides flexible hours to ensure your business is not interrupted. Contact us today to find out how we could provide 3D laser scanning and measured survey services to fit your scheduling needs.
  • What is Point Cloud and how will it benefit me?
    Main advantages that Point Cloud provide: 1. Save time and money – Site visits can now be reduced to the minimum; thanks to the possibility of virtual tours and 360 Trueview imagery. 2. Accuracy – The accuracy of all measurements is +/- 5mm 3. No human error – Our 3D Laser scanner captures all measurements in 360 by 300 degrees at a range of 130 metres, leaving no chance for human error. 4. Extraction of any measurements – Any measurements, areas or even angles can be extracted from the Point Cloud in several clicks. You can even extract measurements directly from 360 images as they are linked directly to the Point Cloud.
  • What areas does SIAD Studio serve?
    SIAD Studio is based in Oxfordshire, primarily serving the South of England, but we also deliver our services across the whole of the UK. No project is too far for us.
  • How long does a laser scanning service take?
    Our 3D laser scanning and measured surveys can take anything from a few hours to weeks or months, depending on the size of your project and the deliverables you require. Our surveyors will provide you with a realistic timeframe and a swift turnaround when delivering your as-built 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • What is BIM?
    BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process whereby construction industry professionals collaborate in a team environment on a range of data that comes together in a centralised digital space. This data base is accessible by and can be updated in real time by all with interests in the project. One of the key outputs of this process is the 3D Building Model, a digital asset for the project which is usually created using a measured survey as the start point. BIM extends to post project handover as a tool for planned and reactive maintenance and management.
  • What projects does SIAD Studio work on?
    SIAD Studio deliver high standard 3D laser survey services for different types of projects, such as: Heritage Sites Historical and Listed Buildings Commercial Properties, such as Offices and Retail Industrial Buildings, such as Warehouses and Factories Educational Establishments, such as Schools and Universities Residential Properties, such as Houses and Apartments Infrastructure, such as Bridges, Roads and Railways Allotments, Farmland and External Landscapes Engineering and Storage Facilities Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
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