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Unearthing Forgotten Beauty: Reviving Oxford's Hidden Church through Captivating 3D Technology

Preserving History with 3D Laser Scanning: St. Thomas' the Martyr Church by SIAD Studio.

St Thomas Church - 3D Point Cloud

Did you know that amidst the busy streets of Oxford, there lies a forgotten treasure desperately in need of restoration? Nestled in the heart of this historic city, a remarkable church stands silently, its grandeur fading with each passing day. Join us on a journey as we capture the project through 3D technology for preserving its beauty.


St. Thomas' the Martyr Church stands as a testament to architectural grandeur and historical significance. Unfortunately, this magnificent church has found itself on the Historic England: Heritage at Risk register, signalling a need for urgent repairs and preservation. Recognising the importance of protecting this remarkable site, SIAD Studio seized the opportunity to contribute by conducting a comprehensive 3D Measured Survey using laser scanning technology and photogrammetry. With an uncertain future looming over St. Thomas' Church, it becomes crucial to capture its essence and unique features before they fade away. Laser scanning and photogrammetry emerged as the perfect solution, enabling us to create a highly accurate digital record of the church's architecture.

Inside St Thomas Church - 3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning and photogrammetry allows us to capture intricate details and precise measurements of St. Thomas' Church. From the magnificent arches and ornate stained-glass windows to the intricacies of the stone carvings, every aspect of the church can be thoroughly recorded and preserved. This digital record not only serves as a valuable resource for future restoration projects but also ensures that the church's architectural heritage is preserved for generations to come.

Inside St Thomas Church - 3D Point Cloud

After conducting an extensive on-site survey, SIAD Studio successfully completed the registration process and generated a 3D Point Cloud, which serves as an incredibly accurate representation of St. Thomas' Church. This comprehensive digital model captures the essence of the church, providing a holistic view of its unique characteristics. Furthermore, the 3D digital model serves as a valuable tool for studying and analysing the church's architecture. It allows researchers to explore the intricate craftsmanship, unravel the historical narrative embedded in its walls, and gain a deeper understanding of the church's place in history.

Photogrammetry of the church

Preserving St. Thomas’ the Martyr Church through the power of 3D laser scanning is a testament to SIAD Studio's commitment to heritage. By capturing its beauty and essence digitally, we can contribute to the ongoing efforts to restore and protect this hidden gem for future generations to admire and appreciate.


Taking preservation efforts to the next level, SIAD Studio have produced an accurate 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) models using the software Autodesk Revit. This powerful tool allows our BIM team to transform the captured data into an extruded 3D representation, incorporating precise measurements and intricate details. The result is a digital model that accurately represents the surveyed area or building in three dimensions, facilitating future planning and restoration work.


By capturing its beauty and essence digitally, we proudly contribute to the ongoing efforts to restore and protect this hidden gem, allowing future generations to admire and appreciate. Please share your thoughts, memories, or personal connections to St. Thomas' Church in the comments below.

To explore the 3D survey in more details, please visit SIAD Studio's sketchfab here

To find out more about this wonderful church, please visit their website at

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